In-depth Research on Hot Stocks Session Ⅷ: Site Visit Throughout 100+ LIsted Companies Successfully Held

On 21st February, 2023, the "In-depth Research on Hot Stocks Session Ⅷ", hosted by ZHIXIN CAIJING and co-sponsored by Guoyuan International, the Investment Research Team and the West Lake Association of Value Investments, was successfully held in Hangzhou. In this seminar, the management of three Hong Kong-listed companies, Zylox-Tonbridge Medical Technology (02190.HK), Ascletis Pharma (01672.HK) and Tian Ge Interactive Holdings (01980.HK), were invited to share their company fundamentals and developments.


On the first day of the research seminar, the management team of Zylox-Tonbridge Medical Technology presented the company's development to the investors. Zylox-Tonbridge is a leading player in the peripheral and neurovascular interventional medical device market, recognized for its robust research and development as well as advanced manufacturing capabilities.


(Group photo of Zylox-Tonbridge Medical Technology (02190.HK) management team and seminar members)


On the morning of  22nd  February, Mr. Luhao Shen, IRD of Ascletis Pharma shared basic information about the company and new developments in the R&D pipeline. Ascletis Pharma is an innovative R&D-driven biotech company covering the entire value chain from discovery, development to manufacturing and commercialization of new drugs.


(Group photo of Ascletis Pharma (01672.HK) management team and seminar members)


On the afternoon of  22nd February, Mr. Zhengjun Fu, Chairman of Tian Ge Interactive Holdings, interacted with investors through a video call. Founded in 2008 in Hangzhou, Tian Ge Interactive Holdings is one of the pioneers of China's online live streaming industry and was listed on the HKEX July 2014 . 


(Group photo of Tian Ge Interactive Holdings (01980.HK) management team and seminar members)


In addition to the insightful presentations by the executives of the listed companies mentioned above, there were also in-depth discussions among investors about these companies, creating a highly active exchange of ideas. Thus, the two-day "In-depth Research on Hot Stocks Session Ⅷ" offline research event came to a successful conclusion.


Looking ahead, ZHIXIN CAIJING will continue to monitor market dynamics closely and  actively seize the latest hot investment opportunities. We will further strengthen our collaboration with Guoyuan International, the Investment Research Team and the West Lake Association of Value Investments, to achieve the goal of establishing closer connections with investors. Together with the listed companies, we aim to offer a comprehensive showcase of insights into both the domestic and international capital markets for global investors while building an unobstructed communication bridge for the global capital market.


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