Sharing New Opportunities in the Global Market, "Insight into Hong Kong and US Stocks——The 4th Everbright & ZHIXIN CAIJING 2021 (Shenzhen) Large-scale Investment Conference" Ended Successfully

From 8th to11th June, Everbright Securities and ZHIXIN CAIJING jointly organized a large-scale event on the Hong Kong and US capital market, known as the "Insight into Hong Kong and US ——The 4th Everbright & ZHIXIN CAIJING 2021 (Shenzhen) Large-scale Investment Conference". This conference comprised both offline and online sessions. The offline sessions, held from the 8th to 9th June, featured face-to-face group discussion. The online sessions, spanning from the 8th to 11th June, were live-streamed through the ZHIXIN Cloud Roadshow. Nearly 100 Hong Kong and US listed companies (24 offline and 72 online) were invited to the conference, together with mutual funds, insurance funds, and large private equity institutions from around the world. This grand event showcases listed companies' achievements and development history for investors, promoting precise, multi-dimensional and in-depth communication between listed companies and investors.




From 8th to June 9th June , the offline session of the "Insight into Hong Kong and US Stocks——The 4th Everbright & ZHIXIN CAIJING 2021 (Shenzhen) Large-scale Investment Conference" was held at The Langham Hotel, Shenzhen, covering many high-profile companies in the market across various industries. It attracted a large number of top financial institutions and experienced investors, creating an environment of lively discussion. 

(Group Exchange Site of Lenovo (0992.HK))


(Group Exchange Site of Lifetech (1302.HK))


On 8th June, the online live broadcast of "Insight into Hong Kong and US Stocks——The 4th Everbright & ZHIXIN CAIJING 2021 (Shenzhen) Large-scale Investment Conference” commenced. A total of 75 listed companies continued to share insights and interact with investors through ZHIXIN Cloud Roadshow, an international online conference platform under ZHIXIN CAIJING. In four days, the online conferences, it attracted a cumulative total of 15,000 viewers.



At the same time, this conference focused on the market hotspots and the certainty of opportunities arising from gradually clarified policies. The online conference also consisted of online forums covering key sectors such as TMT, healthcare, real estate, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, energy, cyclical, education and other sectors from 10th to 11th June, which attracted the keen attention from a wide range of investors.

(Special Forum Meeting of Medicine)


(Special Forum Meeting of TMT)


(Online Roadshow of FOUSUN PHARMA (2196.HK))


(Online Roadshow of Central China New Life (9983.HK)) 


(Group photo of on-site staff)


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