“Global Capital Forum——The 2020 Hong Kong & US Stock Annual Conference” Came To A Successful Conclusion

From 18th to 20th November, Haitong Securities and ZHIXIN CAIJING jointly held a high-end Capital Forum which focus on Hong Kong and US capital market, titled "Sunrise to New Horizons — 2020 Hong Kong & US Stock Annual Conference". This conference includes both offline and online sessions. The offline sessions took place on the 18th and 19th November, featuring in-person group discussions. On the 20th November, the online sessions were live-streamed through the ZHIXIN Cloud Roadshow platform.


This conference was jointly sponsored by Haitong Securities, which was renowned for its profound research background, and ZHIXIN CAIJING, a professional financial public relations firm specializing in serving both domestic and international listed companies. Additionally, it received strong support from industry-leading organizations with significant influence, including the Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies, Xueqiu, yyhkstock, Great Bay Link and the Learning and Investing Together. The conference invited 70 Hong Kong and US listed companies (45 offline and 25 online) to conduct precise and in-depth communication with investors across the country.


From 18th to 19th November, the "Sunrise to New Horizons — 2020 Hong Kong & US Stock Investment Annual Conference" offline sessions were held at The Langham Hotel, Shenzhen. It is worth mentioning that this is the first large-scale offline conference held by Haitong Securities and ZHIXIN CAIJING since the outbreak of COVID-19, which attracted a large number of top financial institutions and experienced investors. The atmosphere of on-site communication was lively, and participating investors engaged in enthusiastic discussions and exchanges with the listed companies.





On Friday, 20th November, the conference entered its final day, which was conducted online through live broadcast by the ZHIXIN Cloud Roadshow. Numerous high-profile listed companies from Hong Kong and the United States drew significant attention on the ZHIXIN Cloud Roadshow platform. The online interactions with 25 listed companies in a single day drew nearly 5000 cumulative viewers.








The results of this conference were outstanding and received high praise and overwhelming response from participants. In the context of global economic recovery, along with China's accelerated capital market reform and opening-up, the theme of this conference was in line with the current market environment, and also vividly expresses the enthusiasm and expectations of both investors and companies. As we move towards a new journey, with the momentum of global economic recovery and hope, we stride confidently forward into the future.


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