ZHIXIN CAIJING kicks off the 2023 Chinese Listed Companies Overseas Roadshow – Singapore, with strong support from UOB Kay Hian

    On 4th July , ZHIXIN CAIJING hosted the "2023 2nd Conference on Investment Opportunities for Chinese Listed Companies" in Singapore, in collaboration with UOB Kay Hian, a well-known in Singapore-based brokerage partner. The event garnered support from CAP 1 Financial, Waterbrooks, and ShareInvestor.


    Senior executives from UOB Kay Hian and Essence International Securities (HK) were graciously invited as keynote speakers, as well as the management from the  four prestigious companies, namely, Beijing Airdoc Technology (02251.HK), Chaoju Eye Care Holdings (02219.HK), Luye Pharma Group (02186.HK), and Hongbo Co. (002229.SZ), which are listed in HKEX or SZSE.


     (Photo of the Conference)


    At the beginning of the conference, Mr. Anthony Guo, Chairman of ZHIXIN CAIJING, delivered an opening speech, wherein he conveyed ZHIXIN's dedication to seizing the opportunity of offshore RMB capital's reflux. The company's primary focus is to attract overseas RMB funds while persistently strengthen the bridge of communication  with international investors, and develop an unconventional framework for RMB internationalized financial services.

    (Opening Speech by Mr. Guo, Chairman of ZHIXIN CAIJING)


    Following that, Mr. Tian Ye, Associate Director of UOB Kay Hian, shared his insights. 

    (Shared by UOB Kay Hian's Associate Director, Mr. Tian Ye )


    Subsequently, Mr. Ernie Hon, Head of Research at Essence International Securities, delivered a keynote speech on investment strategies in Hong Kong stock market, titled "Policy brings warmth, valuation Waits for revisont." 

     (Keynote Speech by Mr. Ernie Hon, Head of Research at Essence International Securities)


    Next, Mr. Wong, Associate Director of UOB Kay Hian, gave a speech.

     (Keynote Speech by Mr. Wong, Associate Director of UOB Kay Hian)


    After Mr. Wong's insightful presentation, representatives from four listed companies in the HKEX and SZSE sequentially presented the most up-to-date company information to the attending investors. 

    (Ms. Wenting Yang, CFO & Secretary Of The Board of Beijing Airdoc Technology (02251.HK))


    (IRD of Chaoju Eye Care Holdings (02219.HK))


    (IRD of Luye Pharma Group (02186.HK))


    (CEO of EB Tech, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hongbo Co. (002229.SZ))


    After the public presentation, each listed company had small-scale but in-depth,  discussions with the participating investors, sharing and exchanging investment opinions with each other. In the midst of a vibrant discussion atmosphere, the "2023 2nd Conference on Investment Opportunities for Chinese Listed Companies" came to a successful conclusion in Singapore.


    (Group Photo of the Conference)

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