ZHIXIN CAIJING Delegation —— Middle East Business Trip, Exploring Unlimited Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Since the beginning of this year, the two-way financial and industrial cooperation between China and the Middle East has shown a strong growth trend, and the pace of Middle East capital investment in China has significantly accelerated. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and the Kuwait Investment Authority have become one of the top 10 tradable shareholders of 62 A-share companies, highlighting the influence of Middle East capital in China's capital markets. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have recently become new members of the BRICS countries, underscoring the growing close cooperation between the Middle East and China.


By investing in the Chinese market, Middle Eastern countries can not only share the dividends brought by China's scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation but also learn from China's outstanding experience in infrastructure, manufacturing technology and market development, to provide strong support for their economic transformation and promote faster and more sustainable economic growth. This cooperation model will help strengthen the economic ties between the Middle East and China and promote both sides' common prosperity and development.


Dubai, on the other hand, has effectively filled the time zone gap between major financial centers in the West such as London and New York and major financial centers in the East such as Hong Kong and Tokyo due to its superior geographical location, making it a key hub connecting regional markets and the global economy, and stimulating trade and investment flows along the South-South Economic Corridor (namely Africa, Latin America, South Asia and the Middle East). At the same time, the just-concluded Belt and Road Forum in Hong Kong this year, for the first time, set up a special session on the Middle East to provide business opportunities for relevant enterprises and investors, and further promote the financial interaction between the Middle East and China.


As a financial public relations company that has been deeply engaged in domestic and overseas capital market services for a long time, ZHIXIN CAIJING actively grasps the new opportunities and developments in the Middle East market and continues to build and strengthen the communication bridge between international investors. Especially in the current market downturn, ZHIXIN CAIJING strives to promote more Chinese listed companies to go overseas, establish closer ties with international capital, especially Middle East capital, and find more opportunities for Chinese listed companies in the changing international situation.


In this context, ZHIXIN CAIJING’s Chairman Guo Xinlin, President CAI Minyu and Vice President Wen Feihua led the Zhixin delegation to embark on a 7-day investment tour in the Middle East on September 16. This business trip mainly focuses on visiting financial institutions and enterprises in Middle East, conducting field visits and research, expanding overseas markets and experiencing cultural customs, etc., aiming to establish contacts with local governments and enterprises, promote information exchange, seek business opportunities together, and build more cooperation platforms for Chinese listed companies (whether listed in the mainland or Hong Kong) and international investors.


The delegation visited several government-related financial institutions, including Dubai Financial Market (DFM), NASDAQ Dubai and Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), as well as Abu Dhabi International Financial Centre and Financial Services Regulatory Authority (ADGM). They gained an in-depth understanding of local regulations and government support for the financial sector and a more comprehensive understanding of the achievements of Dubai and Abu Dhabi's diversified economic development.

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